Prenatal Dentistry

Prenatal Preventive Dentistry

Planning Pregnancy?

Proper dental cleanings and exams are very important while planning a pregnancy. Unhealthy gums and infections may affect getting pregnant or add risks to your pregnancy. In a study of nearly 2,000 women, those with gum disease took an average of two months longer getting pregnant than those with healthy gums.

This infection is hard to detect without a dental exam because it’s nearly painless until the later stages.

If found, gum disease can very often be quickly and easily treated, leaving the mother with a healthier body and increase the success of her pregnancy.   

Currently Pregnant?

It’s a very sad thing, but according to a study author Roger Hart, M.D. conducted, “An overgrowth of oral bacteria could set off an inflammatory response in tissues throughout the body, increasing the risk for miscarriage and premature birth.”  Another aspect for some women is pregnancy gingivitis (higher level of gum inflammation).  This is a normal change that may occur due to hormonal alterations during pregnancy.

The bottom line is your dental health during pregnancy may directly affect the health of your baby.

The key to having a healthy mouth in any stage of life is making sure to maintain good daily brushing and flossing habits as well as periodic checkups.  This is especially true during pregnancy.

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