Reviews & Testimonials


“Sol Dental is a team of very efficient and professional individuals. They are patient focused. Everyone is very friendly and shows utmost care. The facility uses latest technology and is a welcoming environment. Excellent service.”


“Everyone is so kind and very helpful, & the doctor is very knowledgeable. Glad I followed up on this recommendation and now have suggested it to my family.”


“The doctor is thoughtful and compassionate. He became my health care advocate when I ran into some especially painful and frustrating problems with my jaw and teeth and I’m grateful for his help and kindness. I would recommend this facility for anyone searching for great care in the area. Considering I have pretty awful dental anxiety, as I call it, you can be sure I would not recommend an office unless I felt completely at ease in their care.”


“The doctor and his assistant did an amazing job on my crown! I had a root canal, and needed to get a crown. The temp crown felt super secure, and when I went back to get my actual crown, it was a super quick appointment, and the crown fit PERFECT! I’m very happy with it! Thanks so much.”


"Being a healthcare worker, safety is important to me. The team was very professional, used excellent infection control measures to ensure patient and staff safety during my visit. The hygienist and doctor were friendly and thorough."