Preventive Dental Care in Louisville, CO


Maintaining a healthy mouth and body

The health of your mouth affects the health of your whole body. SōL Dental knows that an infection in your mouth may affect the rest of you. Dental diseases can increase the risk of a heart attack, stroke, and diabetes.

Today, more than ever, we know that your overall health is at greater risk if your mouth is not healthy.

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As the old saying goes, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”, and that’s certainly true with your smile and dental health. Your smile can last you a lifetime if you floss and brush regularly, as well as follow necessary preventive care to maintain the health of your smile.

Preventive dental care not only protects your teeth, it’s also essential to your overall health, which is the main focus of quality preventive dentistry. There are many factors that can contribute to the decline of oral health, which is why it’s important for you to practice good oral hygiene.

Regular check-ups are also very important to prevent the onset of tooth decay, infection, and disease. Even if your teeth or gums are on the verge of developing damage or disease, this can be stopped (and even reversed in some cases) as long as you get the proper diagnosis and treatment right away. As some of the most respected Louisville, CO preventive dentists in the region, SōL Dental has earned the trust of patients.


Be proactive with your dental health

Being proactive is the key to a healthy smile and avoiding serious dental procedures. Brushing and flossing at home, helps get rid of germs and bacteria, but it isn't enough to protect your smile. No matter how great your flossing and brushing are, plaque and tartar buildup still occur.

That is where preventive dentistry at SōL Dental fits in. Regular visits for the following general dental services will help you maintain your oral health.  


Dental Cleanings

Dental cleanings (Prophylaxis), which is a basic cleaning procedure, is an integral part of preventative dentistry. Unlike regular cleanings, an extensive cleaning is more complete, which removes plaque, calculus, tartar, stains, and other particles in your mouth, especially in the hard-to-reach areas.

Both the basic cleaning and extensive cleaning are vital to prevent the development of cavities or gum disease, which can save you from having to need restorative dentistry or even losing teeth.

During your first visit with SōL Dental we will evaluate which type of cleaning is best for you as well as suggest how often you should schedule your prevention appointments. 


Digital Dental X-Rays

It’s impossible to prescribe effective preventive dental treatment without accurate diagnostic tools, which is why SōL Dental (Louisville preventive dentist) uses only advanced digital dental x-rays.

The advantages of digital dental x-rays include faster diagnosis, less radiation, and image adjustment tools to better evaluate the x-rays.

Comparing digital x-rays to the older film x-rays, the radiation exposure is reduced by at least 50% and the images can be viewed on the computer screen in a matter of seconds. Digital dental x-rays can be enlarged for better visibility, electronically stored for easy access to previous images and conveniently email to you or another specialist as needed


Dental Sealants

When a tooth is on its way to developing a cavity, a simple solution to protect the tooth from further damage is with the application of a dental sealant.

Dental sealants are clear plastic coatings that are applied on the chewing surfaces of your teeth to prevent cavity formation. The procedure is quick and can be done immediately after diagnosis, since there is no drilling of enamel or dentin involved.

Sealants are usually undetectable to the naked eye, which is a great benefit if you want people to notice your smile and not your dental work.

As long as you continue to practice proper dental hygiene and visit your dentist regularly, the applied sealant should last between 5 to 10 years before reapplication is necessary.


Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that helps fight tooth decay by strengthening the enamel of your teeth.

The mineral can be found in drinking water, toothpaste, and mouthwashes, so it should be easy to get the fluoride you need for everyday use.

However, depending on the state of your teeth, you may benefit from an intensive fluoride treatment at the time of your cleaning to reinforce your enamel and protect your tooth structure from decay.

Since your dental condition is unique, along with your eating habits and genetic tendencies for cavity formation, during your exam if need be SōL Dental will discuss the benefit of fluoride treatment.